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Dual MA Degree

Dual MA Degree in Library and Information Science

MA students in American Studies may simultaneously pursue a Master’s degree with the School of Library and Information Studies.  Whether the primary degree is in American Studies or in LIS, the dual degree can be completed with a total of 66 credits.

If the student’s primary degree is American Studies, LIS counts 9 credits at the 600 level. Thus only 33 LIS credits for the MLISc are needed instead of 42.

If the student’s primary degree is LIS, the Department of American Studies accepts 9 credits from the following so the MA requires 24 American Studies credits:

  • LIS 612  History of Books and Libraries
  • LIS 618  Government Documents
  • LIS 661  Information Sources and Systems in the Humanities
  • LIS 663  Basic Online/CD-ROM Database Searching
  • LIS 685  Traditional Literature and Oral Narration
  • LIS 687  Information Sources for Hawaiian Studies
  • LIS 693V  Special Topics in Librarianship
  • LIS 695  Seminar in Research Librarianship
  • LIS 699V  Directed Reading and/or Research

Students must apply directly to the School of Library and Information Studies for admission to its Master’s program.