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Graduate Concentrations

Interdisciplinary areas of concentration in the Department of American Studies include:

  • Indigenous Studies, Hawaiian and Pacific Island Studies
  • Hawai‘i: history, tourism, military presence, and settler studies
  • Public History, Memory, and Memorialization
  • State Power, Law, and In/Justice
  • Social movements, Politics, and Religion
  • Cultural, Performance, and Literary Studies
  • Visual Culture, Film, and Media
  • U.S.-Asian Relations, Inter-and Global Asia Studies, Transpacific Studies
  • Gender and Sexuality Studies
  • Diaspora Studies/Transnationalism
  • Critical Ethnic Studies/Comparative Racial Formations
  • Museum Studies, Historic Preservation, Material Culture, Urban History

These broad areas of concentration reflect the interdisciplinary research and expertise of American Studies faculty members.  Graduate students are encouraged to choose areas of concentration in their first year of study.  Concentrations are designed to assist students with course selection and the definition of fields, and are intended to guide, not bind.  The academic program remains flexible throughout students’ graduate careers.