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Financial Assistance

For most students, financing graduate education requires ingenuity. The resources listed below may help offset your expenses. Other funding opportunities may be accessed through the STAR system.

Tuition reductions

Each semester the Office of Graduate Education allots to the Department a pool of funds that can be used to waive a portion of tuition costs for selected students. Tuition waivers are used to attract good students, award current students for meritorious achievement, and offer some financial support for those who need it. Because these awards are provided by the State of Hawai‘i, priority will be given to residents of the state where feasible and to members of groups that are underrepresented within the Hawaiian context. These awards cannot be renewed if students fail to attain the required grade point average (3.0).

  • East-West Center Student Scholarships and Fellowships
  • Other Scholarships and Awards
  • The Japanese Women’s Society Foundation Endowed (Kokoro) Scholarship
  • The Brown-Denny Award
  • The Goto Foundation
  • The Center for Asia-Pacific Exchange (CAPE) Fellowship
  • The Glenn Grant Scholarship
  • The James McCutcheon Memorial Award
  • Teaching Opportunities (for doctoral students)

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate Assistantships and Lectureships enable selected doctoral students to teach basic undergraduate courses on their own. GA’s therefore must have a good grasp of American Studies as a discipline. Ordinarily students may be reappointed up to a total of four semesters or eight courses. A general description of Graduate Assistantships and the process for applying for them can be found at the Graduate Studies website.

Outreach College
Information about opportunities to teach in the Outreach College is sent to doctoral students twice yearly by the American Studies office.

Resources for Student-teachers

Departmental mentoring
The American Studies Department, through its Curriculum Committee, is responsible for selecting GA’s, helping them design their courses, and supervising their teaching once it is underway.

The Office of General Education
Most AMST courses carry one or more of the following “Focus Designations”—Writing Intensive, Oral Communication, Contemporary Ethical Issues, and Hawaiian, Asian and Pacific Issues. Gaining a focus designation for your course is important because it encourages undergraduate enrollment and develops your teaching skills. The General Education website provides forms and directions for gaining a focus designation. The Office of General Education also provides resources, including workshops and online tutorials, to train teachers in the pedagogical techniques pertinent to each focus area.

The Center for Teaching Excellence provides a wealth of additional teaching resources.