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A graduate degree in American Studies leads toward a range of rewarding career options. American Studies MA and Ph.D. students hone skills in critical inquiry, independent research, and writing that are crucial to success in a variety of professions, from public policy and law to journalism and publishing.  Trained to cultivate curiosity, think broadly, and research deeply, American Studies graduate students use evidence to develop arguments, analyze social needs, and communicate their discoveries.  As analysts, writers, and critics, and sometimes as artists, directors, and performers, American Studies graduates engage media and the arts.  A graduate degree in the interdisciplinary fields of American Studies prepares students to approach issues from multiple angles, to advance the cause of social justice, and to imagine creative solutions in an ever-changing world.

Our Masters and Ph.D. recipients hold positions in fields including:

  • Academia (University, 4-Year Colleges, and Community Colleges)
  • Publishing (Writers and Editors)
  • Public History
  • Public Policy and Government
  • Historic Preservation and Cultural Resource Management
  • Museum Work (e.g. Curation, Collections Management, Registration, Digital Programs, Exhibit Development, etc.)
  • Journalism
  • Archive Management
  • Library Science
  • Park Service
  • Private and Public K-12 Education
  • Media and Film
  • University Administration and Student Services
  • Visual and Performing Arts
  • Non-profit Work and Community Organizing

Others have used an American Studies MA or Ph.D. as a stepping stone to additional degrees in:

  • Law
  • Social Work
  • Public Administration
  • Media
  • Business