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Please take the time to read the following information as you prepare to submit a petition.

What is a petition?

A petition is a special request made by a student for an exception to university policy. One example of an exception to policy is an adjustment to a student’s class schedule after the published registration deadlines. A petition includes a personal statement explaining extenuating circumstances beyond the student’s control surrounding the request and proper documentation. Petitions are a serious matter requiring multiple reviews.

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  • Requests are not automatically approved.
  • Requests are reviewed on a case by case basis.
  • Requests related to your academic record from more than two years ago (including retroactive withdrawals) will not be approved.
  • Extenuating circumstances must be clearly and concisely explained in a personal statement.
  • Extenuating circumstances must also be verified with appropriate documentation.
  • An approval of a request cannot compromise the truthfulness of your university records (for example, the official transcript that bears the university seal)
  • Results of petition requests can impact any form of financial aid, Veteran’s Affairs benefits, insurance, visas, etc. Before turning in a petition to QLC 113, the student should consult with the appropriate offices/agencies regarding possible consequences that may occur as a result of the petition decision. For example, if a petition for a late withdrawal from a course is approved, it is possible the student will owe money back to their financial lender. This type of scenario may affect the decision to submit a petition.

1.     Meet with an academic advisor at the Advising Center to discuss your request, the petition process, personal statement, and acceptable documentation.  You will also be given a deadline (generally, two weeks) for turning in your petition materials.  NOTE:  Petitions will not be reviewed unless a student has met with an advisor first to discuss the request. To make an appointment with an academic advisor, click here.

2.     Prepare your petition materials:  the petition cover form (link below), your personal statement, and supporting documentation.  The merit of your petition is a factor in the decision so prepare your petition materials carefully.

Petition Form:  this should be placed on top of your personal statement.  This form is located at the bottom of the page.

The Personal Statement must be composed and typed in a clear and concise manner so it can be understood by the Petitions committee and the Dean. At minimum, your personal statement should include the specific exception you’re requesting; an explanation of the extenuating circumstances beyond your control; why an exception should be granted for you specifically; and timeliness of your request. Your personal statement should be professional in tone and appearance.

Instructor Documentation Form(s): Petitions that involve courses (as when requesting to withdraw from a course) require documentation from the courses’ instructors. Submit one Instructor Documentation Form for each course impacted by the petition (so 3 forms to withdraw from 3 courses). Please work with your instructors to submit complete forms – each of the questions is important.  Please note there are two forms on each page.

The Supporting Documentation must verify the circumstances you are presenting in your personal statement.  When applicable, bear in mind that supporting letters must be printed on letterhead and include a signature; and email documentation from university officials must be sent from the account.

3.     Submit your completed petition materials to the service counter at the Advising Center in QLC 113 by the deadline given to you from the academic advisor.  Turn in your statement and documentation at the same time (not piece by piece).  The review will not be conducted if materials are incomplete.  The review process takes approximately two weeks but can take longer if the personal statement is not well written or if documentation is missing.  The decision will be postal mailed to the address you listed in STAR.  To update your address in STAR, log in to your MyUH and click on “View/update Address, Phone” or visit the Office of the Registrar located at QLC 010 (bottom floor).

  • I did not know about the deadline or policy.
  • I forgot about the deadline or policy.
  • I was not told about the deadline or policy.
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