Advising Services

The Manoa Peer Advisors at the Advising Center assist fellow students with registration, creating academic plans, finding answers to questions, learning about resources, and navigating the University.  We email AH/LLL majors with updates and appointments, so be sure to check your email account on a regular basis!

Initial Advising

For Incoming Freshmen and Transfer Students – 60 Minutes

INITIAL ADVISING is basically our way of saying “Welcome to the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa!” We’re here to provide information and support for students who are coming in to UHM for the very first time. We can ease many of your concerns, including how to register, plan out your classes, and adjust to the college lifestyle. Not sure where to go to get certain things done? We can help if you’re feeling a bit lost.

We’re students just like you and we understand the stress most incoming students experience. Please feel free to contact us and ask us anything — we’re here to help you!

Registration Assistance

All Classified AH/LLL Students

REGISTRATION ASSISTANCE is available for all AH/LLL students who need help choosing and registering for classes. Most importantly, we’ll help you double-check your registration against your STAR audit. We will also review basic requirements, as needed.  If you need help with courses in your major, be sure to meet with your Major advisor.

Mandatory Academic Planning (MAP)

For Incoming Freshmen and Transfer Students – 60 Minutes

A MANDATORY ACADEMIC PLAN (MAP), is basically your customized 4-year plan to help you graduate from UHM on time. To create/verify your MAP, we use the GRADUATION PATHWAY SYSTEM (GPS) in STAR.

In your appointment, we will review options for requirements, help you complete your plan, and make sure you’ve connected with your Major Advisor.  Once you’re sure your plan includes everything you want to do before you graduate, be sure to meet with your Major Advisor to confirm courses in your major.

Our job is to give you the tools and resources necessary so that you can plan well. After your appointment, you are free to revise your plan, just be sure to check changes with an advisor. You can use the contact form at the bottom of this page for additional assistance.

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To schedule an appointment, call our Welcome Desk at 808-956-8755 or just visit us at QLC 113.  Advising appointments can be made for the same day (if available) or up to one week in advance.
Manoa Peer Advisors are here to show you the basic resources for your academic needs. We encourage our students to become independent and work their way through UHM as a way of building self-reliance. If we cannot answer your questions, we will help you find someone who can.
All you need is your UH ID to check in at the Welcome Desk — we’re here to assist you any way we can!

Optional: To speed up Mandatory Academic Planning, you can check your MAP/GPS on STAR on your own and let us know; we’ll take a look and confirm whether it’s complete and you’re good to go. If you prefer, you can draft your academic plan on paper, using our  MPA Plan Template

We are located in QLC 113!

Meet your peer advisors!

Amanda is from Ewa Beach, Hawaii and a graduate from McKinley High School. She transferred from Leeward Community College and is now pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Family Resources with a minor in Japanese at UH Manoa. She plans on working on a master’s degree in Educational Administration after graduation. In the future she hopes to return to Leeward as a counselor or International Coordinator. Her hobbies include doing manicures, shopping, playing with makeup, and going on food adventures.

She loves anything and everything Kate!

Bryce is from Roosevelt High School and was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. He is pursuing a degree in Creative Media, in the animation track. His future plans are to eventually move to L.A. and join a production company like Pixar or ILM (Lucasfilms) and become an editor, but eventually come back home to open a production company. His hobbies include filming, photography, browsing reddit, hiking, adventuring, and cruising the island. In his free time he watches The Flash and edits videos for either classes or fun.
Mara is originally from Fiji. She moved to Hawaii in 2014 and is currently attending UH Manoa pursuing B.A.s in Pacific Island Studies and Journalism. Mara plans to get her Masters in Pacific Island Studies and hopes to return home to teach at the University of the South Pacific. In her free time, she likes to go on adventures, read fantasy novels, binge watch TV shows, and discover new places to eat.
Mika was born and raised in San Francisco, CA. She is pursuing a B.A. in English in Creative Writing. Her hobbies include reading books, manga, reddit nosleep, watching anime, drawing, playing video games on the PS4 and PC, and eating sweets. She would one day like to publish novels and short stories.
Sam C
Sam is from Waipahu, Hawaii and a graduate from Maryknoll High School. She is currently attending UH Manoa, pursuing a BBA degree in Accounting. Sam plans to get a master’s degree at Shidler College of Business, as well as become a Certified Public Accountant. One day, she would like to have her own Taxing Service company, while traveling the world! Her hobbies include collecting nail polishes, calligraphy, drawing, and playing the guitar. Fun fact: Sam went from binge reading books at Borders to binge watching TV shows on Netflix.
Samm B
Sammantha was born in Florida, but moved to Maui her freshman year of high school. She graduated from Lahainaluna High School and completed her A.A. in Liberal Arts at the University of Hawaii Maui College. She now attends UH Manoa and is pursuing her B.A. in English. She hopes to one day publish a best-selling novel. In her spare time, she enjoys exploring different creative outlets, her favorite being ceramics.