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On-line Assistance for Undergraduate Advisors in A&S Departments


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Goldenrod Form Tutorial (revised 6/08)
Instructions on completing the Graduation Worksheet – Major Requirements form.
Students need this form to register for GRAD Sessions.

Verification of Minor/Certificate Tutorial (revised 6/08)
Instructions on completing the Verification of Minor/Certificate form.
Note: Those departments offering both a minor and a certificate should indicate which program the student is pursuing. This can be done by circling the correct option on the top of form.  Students need this form to register for GRAD Sessions.

Certification of Second Major Option
An alternative option to a second bachelor’s degree.

Link to Forms and Academic Policies: Goldenrod, Verification of Minor/Certificate, credit overload etc.

GPA Calculator

A&R Transfer Credit Search (database)
Provides historical evaluation information on non-system transfer courses

Accessing Student Academic Histories:

Advisors who have a need to access student academic records can apply for access to STAR, the university reporting system that provides access to a student’s academic history.   Please note that the academic journey (degree audit) is in the beta testing phase; please use this only as a guide when working with students as errors exist.  Access to STAR Correspondent functions (retention & graduation information, etc.) is recommended for those advisors who oversee retention & graduation functions for their departments.

Click here for the STAR user policy and agreement form.
OVCAA – Articulation lists for System Transfer Courses
Course articulation agreements for courses taken at other UH system campuses

Transfer Credit Information
Codes used to for transfer credit evaluations (Admissions & Records)

General Education Homepage
FOCUS lists by semester, description of the hallmarks for GenEd requirements, Foundations and Diversification proposal forms.

Click here if you are looking for Arts & Sciences College Program Requirements for BA, BS, BFA, BMUS, or BA- Interdiscplinary Studies degrees.


Policy on Hawaiian/Second Language Back Credits (College of Languages, Linguistics & Literature)

Faculty Advisors Double-dip Chart

Useful chart showing what courses can be used to multiply satisfy requirements – applies only to students who are on the 2002 or later program requirements.  Students on earlier program requirements can only double-dip WI courses with another requirement.

OVCAA Policy on Second Bachelor’s Degrees

Click here for application requirements specific to Arts & Sciences students.

OVCAA Policy on Concurrent Degrees

Click here for application & standards for admission specific to Arts & Sciences students.

OVCAA Policy on Repeating Courses


University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa Student Conduct Code

Concept of Academic Advising  by the National Association of Academic Advisors (NACADA)

NACADA Clearinghouse: Advising Issues and Resources

NACADA Faculty Advising Commission

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