August 2015

What kinds of graduate degrees are there?

Graduate programs are highly specialized, which means that not all programs are available at all schools. There are many graduate schools and many different kinds of programs, so you will have to research to find which schools offer what you are looking for. There are two main tracks, or types of graduate fields: academic/research oriented, which focuses on expanding and disseminating the body of knowledge, and professional, which focuses on applying knowledge. Note, however, that academic/research fields entail applying knowledge, just as professional fields entail research and expanding the current body of knowledge. Academic/Research Anthropology Art Biology [...]

July 2015

Why should I attend graduate school?

People attend graduate school for myriad reasons. Some of the most common reasons include: To study a subject in more detail. For example, after completing a Bachelor degree in Sociology, you might attend graduate school to specialize in juvenile delinquency. To study a subject that was not offered at the Bachelor level. For example, degrees in specialized fields such as Educational Administration, Public Health, or Astrophysics are available only at the graduate level. To study a new subject or change fields. Many students use graduate school as an opportunity to enter a new field. For example, an Art major may [...]

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