When you should take the exam depends on when you need the scores. How quickly scores become available varies from exam to exam, so start by checking the official websites. Choose a date so that your scores will be available well in advance of your application deadlines – one month at the very least; three to four months to be safe.

Scores are not usually valid forever. Graduate schools often have guidelines on how recent scores must be; check those guidelines before scheduling your exam.

Finally, it is usually less expensive if you know where you want the scores sent before you take the exam. If you want the scores reported to you first, i.e., before you decide whether to send them to schools, you may have to pay an extra reporting fee.

If you have a choice of dates, it is usually better to take the exam sooner rather than later. Use only practice tests to “see how it goes”; when it comes to the real exam, prepare well, and take it once.

Where you take the exam depends on the exam and your geographic location. For information about a specific exam, contact:

UHM Testing Office