What is a statement of objectives?

A strong Statement of Objectives is crucial. Graduate programs are looking for students who fit into their specializations. You should have determined your specialization and goals well ahead of applying, but writing your statement will help you solidify and articulate them. The Statement of Objectives will be the only way you have to convince graduate programs that you do fit and that they should admit you.

How do you write a good statement?

  • Write a general rough draft to highlight your personal interests and qualifications. Be sure to mention your specialization.
  • Next, write a rough draft for each individual program (not for the campus—it is the program that makes the decision about admission).
  • Then ask someone who knows you well academically to review your drafts, and revise accordingly.
  • Finally, tailor each Statement to its program, being very clear to specify why you think your area of focus makes you a good fit with their program.