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AH/LLL Advising Directory

The Colleges of Arts & Humanities and Languages, Linguistics & Literature are at the heart of UH Manoa’s mission to provide an excellent education, offering vibrant learning experiences in a rich academic environment.  The Colleges offer liberal arts curricula integrating the acquisition of knowledge, skills and values that enhance our students’ understanding of life and the world in which we live.


Select from the Department tabs below for department for contact information, location, website, and chairpersons.

Location: Crawford 210


Fax: 808-956-6662

Website: www.hawaii.edu/acm

Department Chair/Major Advisor: Daniel Boulos (boulos@hawaii.edu, 808-956-4456)

Location: Moore 324


Fax: 808-956-4733

Website: http://manoa.hawaii.edu/amst

Department Chair: William Chapman (wchapman@hawaii.edu, 808-956-8574)

        Major Advisor/Undergraduate Chair: Jeffrey Tripp (acm@hawaii.edu, jtripp@hawaii.edu, Moore 331, 808-956-8247)

Location: Art 142


Fax: 808-956-9043

Website: www.hawaii.edu/art

Department Chair: Gaye Chan (gchan@hawaii.edu, 808-956-8251 or 808-956-5266)

Associate Chair/Major Advisor: Kate Lingley (lingley@hawaii.edu, 808-956-8251)

Location: George 326


Fax: 808-956-3947

Website: manoa.hawaii.edu/communicology

Department Chair/Major Advisor: Amy Hubbard (aebesu@hawaii.edu, 808-956-3321)

Location: Sakamaki A203


Fax: 808-956-9600

Website: manoa.hawaii.edu/history

Department Chair: Shana Brown (shanab@hawaii.edu, 808-956-7151 or 808-956-4222)

Associate Chair: Matthew Lauzon (mlauzon@hawaii.edu, 808-956-4221 or 808-956-8541)

        Major Advisor: Liam Kelley (liam@hawaii.edu, 808-956-8421, Sakamaki B-408)

Location: Music Building 3


Fax: 808-956-9657

Website: manoa.hawaii.edu/music

Department Chair: Laurence Paxton (paxtonla@hawaii.edu, 808-956-2175 or 808-956-2167)

Associate Chair: Tommy Yee (tyee@hawaii.edu, 808-956-6382)

        Major Advisor/Undergraduate Chair: Jane Moulin (moulin@hawaii.edu, 808-956-7707)

Location: Sakamaki D301


Fax: 808-956-9228

Website: hawaii.edu/phil

Department Chair: Ron Bontekoe (bontekoe@hawaii.edu, 808-956-956-8649 or 808-956-8783)

        Major Advisor/Undergraduate Chair: Vrinda Dalmiya (vrinda@hawaii.edu, 808-956-5981)

Location: Sakamaki A309


Fax: 808-956-9894

Website: www.hawaii.edu/religion

Department Chair: Jeffrey “Kapali” Lyon (kapali.lyon@hawaii.edu, 808-956-6848)

        Major Advisor/Undergraduate Chair: Marie Alohalani Brown (mariebro@hawaii.edu)

Location: Kennedy Theater 114

808-956-7677 or 808-956-7622

Fax: 808-956-4234

Website: manoa.hawaii.edu/liveonstage

Department Chair: Elizabeth Fisher (efisher@hawaii.edu, 808-956-9626)

DNCE Major Advisor: Amy Schiffner (amyls@hawaii.edu, 808-956-2359)

THEA Major Advisor: Julie Iezzi (iezzi@hawaii.edu, 808-956-4377)

Select from the Department tabs below

Languages taught in EALL: Japanese, Korean, and Chinese

Location: Moore 382


Website: www.hawaii.edu/eall

Department Chair: Robert Huey (huey@hawaii.edu, 808-956-8798/808-956-7283)

Major Advisor/Undergraduate Advisor: Todd Ashida (tashida@hawaii.edu, 808-956-2066)

Chinese section

Section Head: Robert Huey (huey@hawaii.edu, 808-956-8798/808-956-7283)

Chinese Flagship Program Director: Madeline Spring (madeline.spring@hawaii.edu, 808-956-8780)

Japanese section

 Section Head: Kazue Kanno (kanno@hawaii.edu, 808-956-7113)

Korean section

Section Head: Mary Kim (maryskim@hawaii.edu, 808-956-2074)

Korean Flagship Center Director: Sang Yee Cheon (scheon@hawaii.edu, 808-956-2054)

Location: Kuykendall 402


Fax: 808-956-3083

Website: www.english.hawaii.edu

Department Chair: John Rieder (rieder@hawaii.edu, 808-956-3088/808-956-7619)

Associate Chair: Darin Payne (darinp@hawaii.edu, 808-956-3087)

Major Advisor/Undergraduate Director: Jim Caron (caron@hawaii.edu, 808-956-3048 or 808-956-3066)

Honors Director: Jim Caron (caron@hawaii.edu, 808-956-3048 or 808-956-3066)

Academic Support Specialist: Valerie Jun (valoiau@hawaii.edu, 808-956-9137)

Languages taught in IPLL: Arabic, Cambodian-Khmer, Chamorro, Filipino, Hindi, Ilokano,
Indonesian, Maori, Persian, Samoan, Sanskrit, Tahitian, Thai, Tongan, Urdu, and Vietnamese

Location: Spalding 255


Main Email: hip@hawaii.edu

Website: manoa.hawaii.edu/ipll

Department Chair: Stephen O’Harrow (soh@hawaii.edu, 808-956-7371)

Language program coordinators

Arabic: Adly Mirza (adly@hawaii.edu, 808-956-5215)

Cambodian: Chhany Sak-Humphry (sak@hawaii.edu, 808-956-8070)

Chamorro: Brant Songsong (brants@hawaii.edu, 808-956-8672)

Filipino: Pia Arboleda (pca62@hawaii.edu, 808-956-5901)

Hindi/Urdu: Sai Bhatawadekar (saib@hawaii.edu, 808-956-7409)

Ilokano: Aurelio Agcaoili (aurelioa@hawaii.edu, 808-956-8405)

Indonesian: Ulrich Kozok (kozok@hawaii.edu, 808-956-7574)

Maori: Te Raukura Roa (raukuraroa@live.com, 808-956-4549)

Persian: Ladan Hamedani (hamedani@hawaii.edu, 808-956-3552)

Samoan: John Mayer (jmayer@hawaii.edu, 808-956-3558)

Sanskrit: Jesse Knutson (jknutson@hawaii.edu, 808-956-3559)

Tahitian: Steve Chailloux (stevecha@hawaii.edu, 808-956-4572)

Thai: Yuphaphann Hoonchamlong (yuphapha@hawaii.edu, 808-956-8948)

Tongan: Amelia Pasi (pasi@hawaii.edu, 808-956-2651)

Vietnamese: Stephen O’Harrow (soh@hawaii.edu, 808-956-7371)

Languages taught in LLEA: Ancient Greek, French, German, Italian, Latin, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish

Location: Moore 483


Main Email: fadil@hawaii.edu

Website: www.hawaii.edu/llea

Department Chair: Paul Chandler (cpaul@hawaii.edu, 808-956-8828)

Academic Support Specialist: Merle Kawabata (fadil@hawaii.edu, 808-956-4187)


Division Chair: Robert J. Littman (littman@hawaii.edu, 808-956-4173)

Major/Undergraduate Advisor: Daniel Harris-McCoy (harrismc@hawaii.edu, 808-956-4183)


Division/Graduate Chair: Louis Bousquet (lb2010@hawaii.edu, 808-956-4185)

Major/Undergraduate Advisor: Jacob Huss (jacob@hawaii.edu, 808-956-4175)


Division Chair & Major/Undergraduate Advisor: Maryann Overstreet (overst@hawaii.edu, 808-956-4172)


Division Chair & Major/Undergraduate Advisor:  Anastasia Kostetskaya (kostetsk@hawaii.edu, 808-956-4181)


Division Chair: Benito Quintana (benitoq@hawaii.edu, 808-956-8796)

Major/Undergraduate Advisor: Eric Thau (thau@hawaii.edu, 808-956-4440)

Latin American and Iberian Studies Advisor: Joy Logan (logan@hawaii.edu, 808-956-4163)

Linguistics BA is under Interdisciplinary Studies

Location: Moore 569

Phone: 808-956-7297

Website: www.hawaii.edu/is

Linguistics Department:

Department Chair: Kamil Deen (kamil@hawaii.edu, 808-956-3223)

Graduate Chair: Andrea Berez-Kroeker (aberez@hawaii.edu, 808-956-3240)

Location: Moore 570


Main Email: dsls@hawaii.edu

Website: hawaii.edu/sls

Department Chair: Graham Crookes (crookes@hawaii.edu, 808-956-6046)

Undergraduate Coordinator/Major Advisor: Kenton Harsch (kenton@hawaii.edu, 808-956-6946)

Major/Undergraduate Advisor: Priscilla Faucette (faucette@hawaii.edu, 808-956-2801)

Program Specialist: Emily Lee (emilylee@hawaii.edu, 808-956-6131)

English Language Institute Director: Kenton Harsch (kenton@hawaii.edu, 808-956-6946)

HELP Director: Joel Weaver (joel2@hawaii.edu, 808-956-2485)