The Advising Partnership

A collaborative advising partnership provides students the opportunity to create a transformative college experience in which they discover their unique potential, imagine new goals, and are inspired to share their rich and diverse backgrounds with others.

Advisors and Students: The Advising Center Partnership

UHM students have an exceptional amount of freedom in crafting their own college experience, choosing from over one hundred academic fields, and fulfilling degree requirements using a wide range of course offerings. This freedom invites students to explore connections between fields, engage in co-curricular activities, and develop unique combinations of majors, minors, and certificates.

To meet the responsibility inherent in this freedom, students must be active partners in the advising process. This responsibility includes researching curricular and co-curricular opportunities, creating educational plans, and presenting those plans to an advisor.

Advisors do not make decisions for students. Rather, they discuss options, both supporting and challenging plans in order to encourage rigorous critical thinking, self-assessment, and in-depth reflection. Advisors also help students connect with the campus community and the broad array of resources throughout the UH system.


Major and College Faculty Advisors:
Dual Advising Roles & Responsibilities

  • Major Faculty Advisors:
    • Advise on major requirements and planning
    • Help students connect with their discipline
    • Help students connect to on-campus opportunities (extracurricular activities, events, scholarships, getting engaged, etc.)
    • Help students connect to the broader community (internships, practicum opportunities, competitions, etc.)
    • Help students explore and prepare for a career
  • College Faculty Advisors:
    • Advise on General Education and all non-major requirements
    • Help students clarify life and career goals
    • Help students creating academic and educational plans
    • Teach students how to navigate the university (and similar systems later in life)
    • Teach students decision-making, problem-solving, and life skills
    • Track students’ progress
    • Assist student with petitions
    • Help students graduate on time
  • Both:
    • Guide students in integrating the academic journey:
      • Choosing courses that build a coherent academic journey (e.g., General Education courses, electives, major requirements, extra- & co-curricular opportunities, etc.)
      • Tailoring their academic journey to prepare for their post-graduation plans (e.g., choosing a language, whether to add a minor/certificate, and so on)
    • Explain policies & procedures
    • Advise students to build resilience and persist through graduation
    • Advise on the power of a liberal arts education and the use of liberal arts degrees in careers and throughout life
    • Certify academic plans
    • Approve forms (e.g., declaration of major, application for graduation, etc.)
    • Update STAR, program sheets, and plans
    • Update the UHM Catalog

The Colleges of Arts & Sciences comprise four colleges:

Arts & Humanities

Languages, Linguistics & Literature

Natural Sciences

Social Sciences

The Colleges of Arts & Sciences offer four degrees (BA, BS, BFA, BMus) in more than 40 different majors, as well as a wide variety of minors and certificates.

Each Bachelor degree at UHM has five requirement areas:

UH General Education (“GenEd Core”)
UHM Graduation

The Advising Center serves the Colleges of Arts & Humanities (AH) and Languages, Linguistics and Literature (LLL). We help students understand their requirements, develop thoughtful educational planning, and successfully complete a unique and transformative university experience that will be a solid foundation for life after graduation.