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2014 High School Counselors Workshop

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Admissions 101
Ryan Yamaguchi, Assistant Director of Admissions
This session will help counselors understand the UHM Admissions process. Topics covered are admission requirements, application process, and important deadlines. Other topics include information on how to complete the Self-Reported Application and what to expect for the next application cycle.

Financial Aid 101
Jodie Kuba, Financial Aid Services Director
Join us for a question based discussion on UHM’s financial aid process. Representatives from UHM’s financial aid office will be available to answer questions that counselors have.

Talk Story with Admissions
Carissa Gusman, Admissions Counselor & select Admissions Office Staff
This session will be a facilitated discussion about your experience with admissions. What do you like? What can be improved? And how do we continue to build solid relationships with counselors and students in Hawai‘i. Please come prepared for honest dialogue while looking towards a positive future.

Why Mānoa was the Best Decision I Ever Made
Jose Magno, Admissions Counselor
Often wonder what our current students are experiencing on the UH Mānoa Campus? Why students from Hawai‘i and from elsewhere chose Mānoa as their college pick? Experience Mānoa through the eyes of our current students with this interactive student panel. Hear the current perspectives from a number of our students on academics, student life, and the college experience found only at UH Mānoa. Students will discuss the benefits of attending UH Manoa, opportunities they have been provided while on campus and provide insight on why UH was a great investment for their college experience.

Fostering a Generation of Creative Problem-Solvers for our Environment
Leona Anthony & Marcie Grabowski, School of Ocean & Earth Science & Technology
To maintain our standard of living, to promote sustainability among our islands, and to perpetuate native Hawaiian ecosystems, a group of creative problem-solvers is needed to understand and address these challenges. At UHM, the problem solvers of tomorrow are the Earth-Air-and Ocean science majors of today. The journey to becoming future leaders begins with the School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology.

The New Exploratory Program
Matt Eng, Academic Advisor
Students have an exciting opportunity, starting in 2014. If they are not yet ready to declare their majors, they can sign up for course clusters in interest areas that will allow them to explore a grouping of similar majors. Course clusters have been specially designed to fulfill General Education and potential introductory major courses. Interest areas include: Business and Industry; Integrative Studies; Visual, Creative and Performing Arts; Humanities and Social Sciences; Language Studies; Exploratory Science and General Exploratory. Learn more and ask questions at this session.

"Closets are for Clothes": Building Respect for LGBT People Across Campus
Camaron Mikio Jimenez Miyamoto, LGBT Student Services Coordinator
Students should never feel forced to hide "who they are" in order to receive a safe and quality education. In this workshop, we will: (1) Learn the meaning of "LGBT" and the complexities of gender identity, sexual orientation, birth sex, and gender expression. (2) Identify ways to ensure campuses respect all individual's gender identity, sexual orientation and gender expression. (3) Share best practices and models for student support in Hawai‘i.

Preparing for Success in the Life Sciences
Stephanie Kraft-Tery, Advising and Assessment Coordinator, Department of Biology
Join us to learn about the Life Science majors available in the College of Natural Sciences. We will provide information about the degrees available and an overview of the differences in their curriculum. You will be introduced to the many exciting opportunities available for students to get involved. In addition, we will discuss necessary placement exams and steps to prepare students for success.

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Deadline: Friday, August 29, 2014.