Thematic Sessions

The conference sessions will cover eighteen broad themes, each of which will be led by the author(s) of a review paper on that theme. In addition to other panel presenters, three invited discussants will present in response to these published reviews.

We will update participants as they are confirmed.

  1. What is the importance of islands to environmental conservation?
  2. How have humans changed island ecosystems through history?
  3. What are the future challenges for island ecology and evolution?
  4. How can island conservation contribute to human wellbeing?
  5. How are islands dealing with the challenge of balancing development with sustainability?
  6. How can we incorporate the value of island environments into conservation?
  7. How can indigenous and local knowledge (ILK) be used to improve island environmental futures?
  8. How can we build island communities that are resilient to the impacts of climate change and environmental hazards?
  9. What role can the humanities play in island conservation?
  10. How does environmental governance on islands currently operate and what forms of governance produce the best outcomes?
  11. How can we improve island conservation through integrated marine and terrestrial management?
  12. What is the current state of knowledge of island extinctions and how can this be used to set baselines for restoration?
  13. How well are island conservation issues addressed in international conventions and agreements?
  14. What have we learnt about invasive species on islands and what are the best strategies for dealing with them in the future?
  15. What is the role of environmental education on islands?
  16. How is climate affecting patterns of island migration?
  17. What are the links between human health and environmental conservation on islands?
  18. How do island sovereignty and conservation relate to each other?